Category: Creativity

Why Every Writer Needs A Team

As a writer, hours are spent on a lonely canvas spilling out your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and stories. Some aspects of writing are very isolated, but the truth is, you are in the storytelling business. No business succeeds with just one person. Steve Jobs built Apple around this concept. Stephen King would be the first to tell you he’d be nowhere…

What Do You Do When Your Best Sucks?

You poured in your best effort and the results aren’t pretty. You’re covered in bruises, but the end results are less than stellar. You’re tired and frustrated. Your morale is down and you are questioning everything. So what do you do when your best isn’t good enough? Stop beating yourself up. Pain and difficulty are a part of ALL good…

When Reading Is A Bad Idea

  Put the book* down. Yeah, you. It’s a bad idea. But I’m learning you say. It’s time to apply what you’ve already learned. But I’m a writer you say. And Stephen King says, “if you want to be a writer, you gotta read A LOT.” True—but you are missing the point. Don’t read now. You can’t feed yourself all…

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