Why Every Writer Needs A Team


Photo by Clappstar (Creative Commons)

As a writer, hours are spent on a lonely canvas spilling out your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and stories.

Some aspects of writing are very isolated, but the truth is, you are in the storytelling business.

No business succeeds with just one person.

Steve Jobs built Apple around this concept.

Stephen King would be the first to tell you he’d be nowhere without the support of his wife Tabitha. She encouraged him to keep writing Carrie when Stephen wanted to abandon it.

The difference between your success and failure hinges on one thing: the team around you.

You need to have others around you who will support you, encourage you, critique your work, edit your work, and even promote your work.

Without a team you will get overwhelmed and burnt out. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when.

Find a great team to put in place around you.

Yes, it will take time.

And energy is required too.

Sure the thought might sound a bit overwhelming, but I promise it’s not.

Here’s a super-simple step you can take right now:

I started a Facebook group called Writers Unite to help you build your team. There are already over two hundred awesome members in this group, and it is ready for more.

To join the group, just click the link here.

The group is absolutely free too, no strings attached.

Are you stuck with your writing and not moving forward?

Not sure where to start at all?

Want to co-write an ebook?

Need a referral for an ebook cover?

Writing an ebook and needing an editor?

Just post these questions in the group and you’ll find help.

Writers Unite exists for one reason: to help you share the story you’re holding inside.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions–jimwoodswrites@gmail.com–it will be my honor to help you.

As writers we need to stick together! I felt the need to raise my coffee mug after typing that for some reason. Perhaps this is an introverted writers version of this epic Saved By The Bell moment.



See you in the Writers Unite group!

  • Writers Unite was the first Facebook group I joined that was helpful and supportive of writers. It’s a great group with hilarious people who are always willing to help with information, resources, ideas and encouragement. Thanks, Jim, for starting it!

    • You are so welcome TC–I LOVE supporting and helping other writers!

  • This sounds great, Jim! I’ll be joining for sure. Also, love the plug for Saved by the Bell – takes back to my teen years 🙂

    • Haha. Makes me feel a little old 🙂 haha

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