The Secret About Pursuing A Dream

Photo by Mattqua (Creative Commons)

Pursuing a dream is NOT convenient.

It won’t line up with your schedule.

It will mean driving to the other side of town when you’re exhausted.

You’ll have to say “no” to good things you really want to do.

When a dream fits specific, convenient parameters, it is either too small or simply won’t happen.

Tonight I’m going to a networking event, and I can give you many reasons why I shouldn’t go.

It will mean using about half a tank of gas.

I’m an introvert, and out of 40 people, I know only 2.

I’ll miss hanging out with my kids. Of course, the “I’m a lousy dad” thoughts come rushing in with this.

I know my wife needs a break. The inevitable “I’m a lousy husband” thoughts are bundled with this too.

The truth is most of these excuses are really fear-based.

Fear takes a bit of truth and twists it into a lie where you can never win.  

I will give my wife a break very, very soon.

And I’m going to spend time with my kids very soon too.

Fear wants us to sit down, shut up, and soak up hours and hours of television.

I refuse to give in to fear.

I refuse to be a “talk about your dream, talk about doing the work” guy and not do anything about my dream.

All talk and no action is a waste of time.

Will you join me and take action? What is something you can do today?

  • Chris Morris

    Today, I am going to put pen to paper for the first time and think about what a keynote speech would look like from me. I say that I want to be a speaker, but I’ve never done ANYTHING about it.

    • Jim Woods

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! This will be great–and change many lives–including your own Chris!

  • David Mike

    Your “talk yourself out of this” thoughts are the same as mine. Today, I will start to write down some of my memories for my story. My last blog post I kind of struggled trying to remember everything that happened. So I should quit trying to do it the night before I am supposed to post.

    • Jim Woods

      I can’t wait to read the rest! Thanks for sharing that–I know our fears are all VERY similar. Fear loves to lie and tell us we are alone. Fear needs to be squashed like a bug, doesn’t it!

  • Tammy Helfrich

    “Fear takes a bit of truth and twists it into a lie where you can never win.” So true! Great post, Jim. I’m working on this myself. Action is when you really get serious about moving forward.

    • Jim Woods

      Thanks so much Tammy–your encouragement is soooooooooooooo important! You inspire many, many more people than you know!

  • Larry Carter

    Jim, we often think that pursuing a dream means choosing between good and bad things. It’s usually really about choosing between good and best. Hang in there. I look forward to what comes out of this.

    • Jim Woods

      Thanks Larry, I totally agree.Thanks for the support–I really appreciate it!

  • Laura Robb

    Yes, I’m in! I refuse to let fear win. Each day we decide to fight fear with action, I know we grow stronger. Today I will work on a new post and continue to define my writing plan!

  • David Johnston Art

    Fear is a total liar and he sucks. Even doing a little bit each day or a small marketing here and there goes a long way and keeps your daily momentum going. Go us!

  • Kim

    Excellent post, Jim! As I slowly work on removing toxic elements in my life (people AND things), I find that much of what has held me back is fear.

    Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure. Fear of repercussions. Fear of offending someone. You know what? I’m done with it. It’ll be hard as hell to push past it and win against that fear but it can be done.

  • ATerribleHusband

    Lousy husband!?!?! Let me tell you a thing or two about lousy husbands….

    Sorry… couldn’t resist.

    You’re right. Dreams take hustle. Awesome stuff, Jim.

  • Dan Black

    Yes, chasing our dreams and success requires a price. Most people are not willing to pay that price, which leaves a lot of room at the top for those who will. Great thoughts, Jim!

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