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Hey, thanks for swinging by my website.

My site is focused on one specific topic–helping you live a great story.

A normal life is not good enough.

Normal means spending most of your life doing work you hate.

Normal means spending an insane amount of time on the couch.

It’s really easy to live a boring story.

It’s time to be weird.

It’s time to live a much better story.

What can you expect here?

  • Practical information you can use–RIGHT NOW. If you’ve got a family and a full-time job, you are extremely crunched for time. So let’s skip the boring parts and load up on the useful info.
  • Encouragement. Living a better story is really hard and absolutely sucks sometimes–BUT IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!
  • A swift kick in the butt every now and then. Sometimes this is the best form of encouragement. There are times when you just need to hustle more and put in the work.
  • Good conversation. While this is my website, I want to hear from you. This isn’t a monologue; rather, this is a community focused on crushing the status quo.

Here Are a Few of My Most Popular Posts

Thanks again for visiting!

Will you shoot me an email and tell me what you are working on? I’d absolutely love to hear from you.  Talk to you soon!

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