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Charades with Todd Foley

For today’s post I am thrilled to talk with my friend who is also one of my favorite authors, Todd Foley. He is a fun, super intelligent writer (and editor) who has really been a mentor to me. As I really think about it, I think it was after reading his first novel and having him tell me about self…

The 5-Step Guide To Boost Your Confidence As a Writer

 You suck. You’re not a writer. Your work is terrible. These are just a few of the negative voices writers have floating around in their heads. You may think you are alone, but you’re not. The issue of confidence is one of the biggest struggles every writer faces. “Fake it till you make it” is the popular answer, and honestly,…

The Insanely Easy Way to Write a Book

You’re married. You’ve got kids. You work a full-time job. How on earth can you write a book now too with your full schedule? Most folks say get up early and this works well for some. Those who are night owls and want to stay up late and sleep in late. Both options don’t really work well with having a…

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