How To (Or How Not To) Write an Ebook


Photo by Utnapitism (Creative Commons)

It’s been a while and I know it’s time to write.

I’m a little cranky, and something is missing.

Not to mention there are goals to meet and stories to tell.

Push the power button and hear no sound.

Look for and eventually find the power supply.

Push the power button again and hear a chime.

Now there is a minute or so to kill.

A drink sounds like a good idea—coffee is a writer’s friend.

Pour a cup and it immediately falls on the floor.

Now my pants are wet. Socks too.

Change clothes.

Sit down again to write.

Immediately the pitter patter of little feet echo down the stairway.

Leave computer exactly where it was on the dining room table.

Participate in a few million things to be savored.

Sit back down and try to stay awake.

Tempted to make coffee again, but fear a sequel from the java mishap.

Energy is low now—but the chair is now fused to my body.

Fingers move.

Words are uncertain but that doesn’t matter.

The page is slowly filled.

One day at a time.

  • “Participate in a few million things to be savored.” What a great line there. You put writing in its proper place, right alongside the rest of your life, including the savoring of those priceless parenting moments.

    You let me pull up a stool and see a slice of your life as you write. Simply wonderful poetic words here my friend.

  • What are you doing in my house?!?!?!

    • You spilled some queso on your jeans by the way…. 😉

  • Love this Jim. So much truth here.

    • Thanks so much James–very honored by you kind words!

  • That last line is the key though. It always starts as a few words one day and continues on until it’s done.

  • Audra Rogers

    This is awesome! I also love the “few million things to be savored” line. I am right there with you! But we keep going because it’s a part of us. A vital part of us. Hang in there! You’ve already accomplished so much.

  • David Johnston Art

    Love it, Jim. I’m looking forward to your next ebook!

  • Absolutely! One day at a time. And “words uncertain” is so true. I’m right there with you!

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