Writers Workshop

Imagine No Longer Procrastinating With Your Writing. 

No longer wasting time reading books on writing.

You could be finishing your writing projects instead of watching reruns on Netflix.

Instead of putting things off, you could have YOUR finished book in your hands.

Here’s the secret no one tells you: most writers face the same problems.

  • Writer’s block. (It does exist, and it sucks!)
  • Time management struggles. (I don’t have time to write!)
  • Lack of accountability. (AKA the floating deadlines that mean nothing.)
  • Not enough support. (It’s lonely being a writer!)
  • Not having clear goals. (Not sure what you really want.)

The Writers Workshop knocks out ALL of these problems.

You just provide your words and bring your own coffee, okay? Good.


Why should you trust me?

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’m a writer too. I struggle with the same problems you do.

The great news is that we work TOGETHER in The Writers Workshop.

For almost three years, I have been writing professionally. I’ve also been honored to work with one of the best productivity strategists in the world.

I also have written two bestselling books: Ready Aim Fire which is about setting and achieving goals and Focus Booster which is all about boosting your mental energy.

I’ve also created the course and book called Write Publish Share which is a step-by-step guide to sharing your story with the world.

I love helping writers move forward. And I want to read more great books. I know that I can help.

Here’s How The Writers Workshop Works:

We meet five days a week for two weeks at the same time. I am heavily leaning toward 9-9:45 PM EST or later, but we can talk about it. It will definitely be in the evenings. I’m a night owl 🙂

15 minutes of teaching

30 minutes of writing.

Step 1: We all hop on Zoom (a free app that works just like Skype but is even easier to use).

Step 2: We have a writing lesson for 15 minutes and then…WE WRITE for 30 minutes! You just leave your computer camera on and type away while the other group members write too. Pretty cool, huh.

This means no Facebooking. No Tweeting. No Youtubing. JUST WRITING. (Man, I can’t wait to start this! Focus is a beautiful thing.)

Step 3: See image of baby.

At the end of each writing session, we’ll talk about how it went. If you want to keep writing after our group meeting, by all means, keep writing!


The Details: 

The group size is limited to six people. (Including myself, so that means there are only five open spots.)

The Writers Workshop starts March 6th – March 17th.

Cost: $100-$150 for 10 days. (Why the price variance? Read the next paragraph.)


What’s the Hook?

There isn’t one other than you have to be serious. If you show up at ALL of the sessions on time and meet all of your goals, you get $50 back. (Screenshot proof required, please. No bluffing.)

I may call you out if you try to throw excuses at me or the group. But I promise to do it in a nice, helpful way. I’m a coach after all, not a drill sergeant.

After just two weeks, you’ll have more focus with your writing. You’ll have the start of a good writing habit too.

Note: this is the first beta round, I may just offer those who participate in this first go around the option to keep the Writers Workshop going. We’ll discuss this after the two weeks.

Get the support you need.

Get the accountability you need.

Get the encouragement you need.

It’s time to get writing.

When someone asks you how your writing is going, you can tell them! No longer will you quickly change the subject.


By the way for the fellow introverts, you don’t even have to leave your home. Who wants to meet strangers at a coffee shop when you can stay in your pajamas at home?

This is quite possibly the greatest Writers Workshop in the history of the world.

Please hurry, this group starts soon!